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Full Version: getting code spn 102 fmi 18
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changed imap sensor, new dpf filter, egr cooler, egr valve, used soap and water to check for bubbles on intake. what next? loss of power but engine runs fine???
Sorry, but no one here has truck E.S.P. ....

What make/model truck/vehicle?

What make/model engine?

Some history?.. Mileage,. use, etc.

Is it de-mandated (deleted), and if so .. who did the work?

What has been done so far?

What codes come up active and inactive in Insite?

-- Be glad to try to hep answer things if I knew what it was I was working with.
just a generic guess .. as I do not know what engine or vehicle this is .. but so far ...

spn 102 fmi 18 = cummins fault code 125?.

FC 125 = something wrong with the intake manifold pressure sensor (or whats known as the imap sensor on a newer engine) and its indicating that boost pressure is lower than expected.

Fault code 125 is basically a generic "Low Boost" alarm.

That Could be a whole lot of things that can cause this, either in the intake, the turbo itself, maybe in the exhaust, or even in the EGR system.
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