Volvo 670 with 2250
12-28-2020, (Subject: Volvo 670 with 2250 ) 
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RE: Volvo 670 with 2250
(12-28-2020 )Rawze Wrote:  
(12-28-2020 )Volvo670 Wrote:  I have ran into a problem. The Volvo stealerships in my area only do ecm reflashing on the truck itself, they don't have the setup to do bench-programming. The only other option I could think of was to take it to an shop that "specialize" in ecm's but their programmer is out of vacation and won't be back till next week.
I was going to try a shop but, they got me in this mess to begin with so I didn't consider that...

Any other suggestions I'm not thinking about?

* have you gotten to pulling apart and finishing hollowing out all the cans including the SCR yet?

* Is there a maint. free Crank case filter installed?

* What other hardware mods or block-plates etc. have been done to it?

-- I can perhaps try to straighten out the bad file you sent me, as it is not as bad as some that I see, but it is far easier and safer to just start over so that it guarantees there are no hidden mistakes lurking in it from the ppl that butchered it originally.

*I have not moved the truck since your review. I was waiting on getting a good tune on there before driving it again. But I will get done before running the truck.

**I have not checked the crank case filter TBH, I was going off of Ryder's(seller) maintenance records and they changed it at 490...ish miles but, that is part of the list of items that I will be replacing with this service(hollow cans, harmonic damper/balancer, overhead adj.) I'm at 560k by the way.

***Besides the 6inch hole on the cans, nothing else was done to it.

--If you have time give the file another look and let me know if it can be fixed, I trust your judgement, if you tell me its better to wait then we'll just wait for Monday to get a factory file back on the ECM.

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