Volvo 670 with 2250
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RE: Volvo 670 with 2250
(12-28-2020 )Volvo670 Wrote:  *I have not moved the truck since your review. I was waiting on getting a good tune on there before driving it again. But I will get done before running the truck.

**I have not checked the crank case filter TBH, I was going off of Ryder's(seller) maintenance records and they changed it at 490...ish miles but, that is part of the list of items that I will be replacing with this service(hollow cans, harmonic damper/balancer, overhead adj.) I'm at 560k by the way.

***Besides the 6inch hole on the cans, nothing else was done to it.

--If you have time give the file another look and let me know if it can be fixed, I trust your judgement, if you tell me its better to wait then we'll just wait for Monday to get a factory file back on the ECM.

the repaired file has been sent back to you... you do need to have the mechanical stuff fixed though.... it is just as important.

the cc breather filter needs to be hollowed out or the maint. free one installed along with the exhaust cans being re-done. ref:

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