RIP CM2250, 2013, 800,000km 20,000 hrs
06-30-2021, (Subject: RIP CM2250, 2013, 800,000km 20,000 hrs ) 
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RE: RIP CM2250, 2013, 800,000km 20,000 hrs
So update, I took it to a mechanic and provided very specific instructions on what to look for. We ran through it together. The culprit at the moment is actually a broken lock on the pin on the 14 pin connector and a slightly loose connection. So 20 dollars of parts, and some goodwill for the mechanic, and it might've just been a loose 14 pin connector providing all of these codes I hope. (the codes ranged from DEF controller, NOX sensor update rate, DEF Heater lines, WIF Sensor, SCR operator inducement, basically the whole shebang).

Voltage supply from ecm to pins was verified to be good, and a bit of looking for shorts didn't return anything. Will run it for the next few days and update the group here. Just a testament to how many codes these things will throw for some of these minor items.

Previously a loose air line on the purge valve actuator resulted in around 10-15 codes. And now, one 14 pin connector with 6 wires coming to it, threw 18 codes. Thanks for the support on this thus far, will update the group on results as it unfolds.
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