Tire rolling resistance (copied from another forum).
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RE: Tire rolling resistance (copied from another forum).
I'd like to know the RR numbers for my steering tires, Bridgestone M854's size 385/65R22.5's. I know it's a gross number, but I weigh almost 15,000lbs bobtail on the front end
I run Michelin XDS2's on the drives, RR 142. But for me traction trumps RR on my drives, and won't even discuss a different tire. When I went to these from the factory BS something or others grippers, I went through stuff I knew I'd be chaining up with most anything else. That to me is worth any fuel economy price paid on the drives. Chains suck, and I have to do it more often than I like because of what I do, any reason not to is more than enough not to.
Kinda surprised, I run BS R197's on my jeep and booster, and they are RR 95 (R195F was the predecessor to the R197, so that's the number I looked at). I run the R197's because of their sidewall payload rating, I do get looked at for that, and they also just run cool and wear smooth.
I don't see the retread number that I run on the main trailer, it is a Bandag SST tread, and I cap my own casings. They wear like steel. I tried several different trailer tires and couldn't keep them from pulling the edges off of anything virgin. A buddy was running these and told me he cant believe how well they wore, so I tried a set. I only run them to ~40% tread depth and yank 'em. Even at that I get twice the life of any virgin I tried, and at roughly 56% the cost of the cheapest virgin, and under half of high end ones. I hate them, but they work. They require attention/inspection to make sure the cap isn't separating, but at 20k an axle all tires need attention. I've never blown a cap because it was a cap. I've blown a couple, but they came apart at flat repair points, I've had virgins do the same, so I don't count that. Weight takes its toll. I've had 2 separate in over 6 years, caught both and got warranty on both.

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