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My own thought on Tire rolling resistance comes from talking to others, and from dealing with my own truck. My own conclusions are that Tire rolling resistance is VERY important on trucks that carry heavy freight, but trucks that carry light weight freight, rolling resistance has little to no measurable effect on fuel mileage. As well, the faster or slower you go down the freeway, the more or less effect it will have too. The slower you drive, the less tire rolling resistance comes into play as well. Also, how much air pressure you have in your tires plays a huge roll in how effective a low-rolling resistive tire actually is. I inflate my own tires to a full 120 psi to get the most out of this, and have never had an issue with doing this.

My own opinion is that rolling resistance, its importance, and how much it effects your fuel costs is really based on several factors. The biggest being how fast you drive, and how heavy your truck is most of the time. I use the lowest rolling resistance tires I can get, because I am usually heavy due to reefer freight, but I do not drive fast. I stay around 57-60 mph, but even so, low rolling resistance helps me save enough fuel to justify the extra costs of these types of tires. If I were only pulling light freight, it probably would not matter much, and just about any tire would work fine. Also, the lower the tread a tire has, the more efficient it becomes. This means that if your pulling heavy freight all the time, it is better to have worn down tires than new ones if you want to save fuel.

I wanted to put this here for others on this site. I copied it from another forum, nothing more...

This is the rolling resistance chart of several brands of tires AS lifted from another forum out there.

Tire Rolling Resistance
Brand Model RR
Accutread (retread) XML Drive 196
Aeolus HN308 134
Aeolus HN329 144
Bandag (retread) BDM 172
Bandag (retread) BDR A/S 220 155
Bandag (retread) BDR ULTRA WIDE DRIVE 380 145
Bandag (retread) BDR-HT 220 192
Bandag (retread) BDR-W 220 26 186
Bandag (retread) BDV 230 148
Bandag (retread) BRM 158
Bandag (retread) BRR-UWB 390 120
Bandag (retread) BTL-SA 220 126
Bandag (retread) BTR ULTRA WIDE TRAILER 380 92
Bandag (retread) D4300 178
Bandag (retread) D4310 152
Bandag (retread) ECL DRIVE 146
Bandag (retread) ECL RIB 138
Bandag (retread) ECL TRAILER 122
Bandag (retread) ECLDSN3 148
Bandag (retread) Eclipse ST-M 220 129
Bandag (retread) FCR-D 220 20 154
Bandag (retread) FCR-Rib 230 131
Bandag (retread) FCR-T 220 11 108
Bandag (retread) FCR-T 230 112
Bandag (retread) FUEL TECH-D 220 24 118
Bandag (retread) FUEL TECH-T 220 12 96
Bandag (retread) Gripper 220 169
Bandag (retread) Highway 9 - 219 130
Bandag (retread) HS 124
Bandag (retread) MEGA TREK 220 170
Bandag (retread) R4200 9" 156
Bandag (retread) R4200 9" 156
Bandag (retread) T4100 138
Bandag (retread) UAP 141
Bandag (retread) UDR 220 190
Bandag (retread) WH RIB 160
BFG DR434 141
BFG DR444 140
BFG DR665 158
BFG ST230 106
BFG ST234 114
BFG ST565 128
BFG TR144 99
Bridgestone Greatec Drive S892WZ 128
Bridgestone Greatec Trailer S169 YZ 99
Bridgestone L312 97
Bridgestone L317 159
Bridgestone L320 138
Bridgestone M711 154
Bridgestone M720 110
Bridgestone M724Z 154
Bridgestone M725 172
Bridgestone M726 177
Bridgestone M726 EL 141
Bridgestone M729 161
Bridgestone M748 116
Bridgestone M774 153
Bridgestone M775 153
Bridgestone M843 114
Bridgestone M844 101
Bridgestone M844F 97
Bridgestone M857 133
Bridgestone M860 108
Bridgestone R184 115
Bridgestone R187 135
Bridgestone R187F 116
Bridgestone R194 109
Bridgestone R194 WB 86
Bridgestone R195 F 95
Bridgestone R196 111
Bridgestone R226 131
Bridgestone R227 108
Bridgestone R227 Cz 107
Bridgestone R227XZ 135
Bridgestone R250 ED 112
Bridgestone R250F 123
Bridgestone R260F 138
Bridgestone R270 116
Bridgestone R280 109
Bridgestone R287 119
Bridgestone R290 140
Bridgestone R293Z 145
Bridgestone R294 150
Bridgestone R296 119
Bridgestone R299 112
Continental HDC 142
Continental HDL 144
Continental HDL Eco Plus 116
Continental HDL-A 106
Continental HS45 107
Continental HSC 117
Continental HSL AE+ 113
Continental HSL Eco+ 111
Continental HSL2 105
Continental HSR 113
Continental HSR1 110
Continental HSU 115
Continental HTL 100
Cooper CT240 97
Double Coin RLB1 129
Double Coin RLB400 167
Double Coin RLB900 104
Double Coin RR100 123
Double Coin RR11 167
Double Coin RR150 124
Double Coin RR300 122
Double Coin RR9 167
Double Coin RT500 107
Dunlop SP131 104
Dunlop SP160 117
Dunlop SP361 122
Dunlop SP381 136
Dunlop SP431 134
Firestone City Transport 143
Firestone FD663 138
Firestone FD690 + 161
Firestone FS400 113
Firestone FS560 + 121
Firestone FS590 + 123
Firestone FT455 100
Firestone HP3000 110
Firestone T545 104
Firestone T559 116
Firestone T589 138
Firestone T663 158
Firestone T831 153
Firestone UT2000 110
General AMER*MSL 120
General AMERI LUG 159
General AMERI RIB 179
General AMERI RIB ST 118
General AMERI STEEL 120
General D440 150
General D460 140
General D660 139
General S330 137
General S350 126
General S380 127
Goodyear G104 RST 104
Goodyear G114 117
Goodyear G124 - Retread 161
Goodyear G132 115
Goodyear G149 RSA 128
Goodyear G152 MetroMiler 141
Goodyear G159 133
Goodyear G159 220 - Retread 132
Goodyear G159A 230 16 - Retread 139
Goodyear G167 158
Goodyear G167 220 - Retread 159
Goodyear G169 RSA 121
Goodyear G175 155
Goodyear G177 151
Goodyear G178 125
Goodyear G182-RSD 166
Goodyear G182-RSD 230 - Retread 154
Goodyear G244 164
Goodyear G259 123
Goodyear G286 129
Goodyear G287 HSS - Duraseal 109
Goodyear G287 MSA 128
Goodyear G287 MSA - Duraseal 109
Goodyear G291 145
Goodyear G302 110
Goodyear G302 FED 220 - Retread 117
Goodyear G305 FuelMax 114
Goodyear G305 FuelMax 230 22 - Retread 134
Goodyear G305 FuelMax Unicircle 230 24 - Retread 136
Goodyear G314 116
Goodyear G314 216 - Retread 96
Goodyear G314 230 12 - Retread 116
Goodyear G314 Unicircle 230 12 - Retread 117
Goodyear G316 FuelMax 91
Goodyear G316 FuelMax 230 12 - Retread 114
Goodyear G316 FuelMax UniCircle 230 12 - Retread 110
Goodyear G316 LHT Duraseal 106
Goodyear G328 225 24 - Retread 195
Goodyear G338 155
Goodyear G338 1AD 170
Goodyear G338 220 - Retread 172
Goodyear G357 108
Goodyear G358 LHS 108
Goodyear G362 150
Goodyear G362 FED 220 - Retread 172
Goodyear G362 Unicircle 230 22 - Retread 153
Goodyear G372 139
Goodyear G372 216 - Retread 155
Goodyear G372 Unicircle 230 24 - Retread 152
Goodyear G372A 137
Goodyear G372A 230 22 - Retread 161
Goodyear G392 SSD 116
Goodyear G395 125
Goodyear G395 FuelMax 123
Goodyear G397 128
Goodyear G409 MBA 117
Goodyear G647 RSA 133
Goodyear G647 RSS 139
Goodyear G670 131
Goodyear G670 RV 107
Goodyear Marathon LHS 100
Goodyear Marathon LHT 105
Goodyear UNISTEEL 131
Goodyear UNISTEEL II 155
Goodyear WINGFOOT APR 132
Goodyear WINGFOOT DTR 142
Hankook AL01 115
Hankook AL07 107
Hankook 115
Hankook DL01 134
Hankook F26A 109
Hankook Z59w 127
Kelly KDA 146
Kelly KDM I 152
Kelly KGR 127
Kelly KSA 115
Kelly KTS 100
Marangoni (retread) Kontur TA 390 93
Michelin MD400 119
Michelin MD4x2 149
Michelin MZA3 105
Michelin MZE2 109
Michelin X Coach XZ 105
Michelin XD1 135
Michelin XD2 127
Michelin XD4 153
Michelin XDA 128
Michelin XDA Energy 99
Michelin XDA-HT 150
Michelin XDA2 115
Michelin XDA2+ Energy 116
Michelin XDA3 115
Michelin XDA5 157
Michelin XDE A/T 142
Michelin XDE M/S 157
Michelin XDE2 136
Michelin XDE2+ 131
Michelin XDHT 150
Michelin XDN 138
Michelin XDN2 139
Michelin XDN2 Grip 141
Michelin XDS 147
Michelin XDS2 142
Michelin XDU 141
Michelin XDY-1 150
Michelin XDY-2 153
Michelin XDY-EX 142
Michelin XDY3 128
Michelin XFE 94
Michelin XMS+4 134
Michelin XOne MDA 85
Michelin XOne XDA 94
Michelin XOne XDA-HT 129
Michelin XOne XDA-HT Plus 122
Michelin XOne XDN2 120
Michelin XOne XDU 108
Michelin XOne XRV 92
Michelin XOne XTA 74
Michelin XOne XTE 99
Michelin XOne XTE * 87
Michelin XOne XZU S 109
Michelin XOne XZY3 105
Michelin XRV 91
Michelin XT-1 99
Michelin XTA 133
Michelin XTA Energy 83
Michelin XTA2 Energy 104
Michelin XTE 104
Michelin XTE2 111
Michelin XTE2 wb 91
Michelin XTY2 114
Michelin XZ2 102
Michelin XZA 83
Michelin XZA-1 114
Michelin XZA-1 + 109
Michelin XZA2 103
Michelin XZA2 Antisplash 103
Michelin XZA2 Energy 94
Michelin XZA3 101
Michelin XZA3 Antisplash 104
Michelin XZE 120
Michelin XZE* 120
Michelin XZE2 (Euro design) 114
Michelin XZE2 (NA design) 123
Michelin XZE2+ 114
Michelin XZL(wb) 112
Michelin XZT 130
Michelin XZU2 116
Michelin XZU3 121
Michelin XZU4 123
Michelin XZUS 114
Michelin XZY 115
Michelin XZY(wb) 97
Michelin XZY-1 114
Michelin XZY-2 114
Michelin XZY3 115
MRTI (retread) XD4 220 165
MRTI (retread) XD4 230 164
MRTI (retread) XDA Hypersipe 230 141
MRTI (retread) XDA+ AT 225 23 124
MRTI (retread) XDA-HT 230 152
MRTI (retread) XDA2 A-T 219 19 114
MRTI (retread) XDA2 A-T 219 23 120
MRTI (retread) XDA2 A-T 225 19 109
MRTI (retread) XDA2 A-T 225 23 117
MRTI (retread) XDA2 A-T 23 Custom Mold 111
MRTI (retread) XDC 137
MRTI (retread) XDE M/S 220 152
MRTI (retread) XDHT 159
MRTI (retread) XDN 161
MRTI (retread) XDN 220 143
MRTI (retread) XDN2 230 143
MRTI (retread) XDS 220 138
MRTI (retread) XDU S 240 154
MRTI (retread) XDU S 250 136
MRTI (retread) XDY-1 153
MRTI (retread) XDY3 151
MRTI (retread) XMS4 161
MRTI (retread) XOne XDA 380 95
MRTI (retread) XOne XDA-HT 380 100
MRTI (retread) XOne XDA-HT 390 103
MRTI (retread) XOne XTA 375 13 82
MRTI (retread) XOne XTE 375 109
MRTI (retread) XT-1 102
MRTI (retread) XT-1 A-T 219 98
MRTI (retread) XTA 240 16 122
MRTI (retread) XTA-1 119
MRTI (retread) XZA 230 119
MRTI (retread) XZE 133
MRTI (retread) XZE SA 215 108
MRTI (retread) XZE SA 225 113
MRTI (retread) XZE2 240 20 110
MRTI (retread) XZE2 250 20 110
MRTI (retread) XZU S 240 126
MRTI (retread) XZU S 250 119
MRTI (retread) XZY 137
MRTI (retread) XZY-1 135
Oliver (retread) ULP Drive 390 152
Oliver (retread) ULP Rib 390 121
Oliver (retread) Vantage Drive 230 140
Oncor (retread) M726 143
Oncor (retread) M726/G167 152
Oncor (retread) M726/XD-1 146
Oncor (retread) M726/XDA+ 145
Toyo M120Z 112
Toyo M137 107
Toyo M147 104
Toyo M503Z 149
Toyo M610ZL 129
Triangle TR688 158
Triangle TR689 169
Triangle TR696 118
Yokohama 103 ZR 114
Yokohama 501 ZA 103
Yokohama LY053 135
Yokohama MY507A 89
Yokohama RY023 112
Yokohama RY083 AMC? 93
Yokohama RY083A 112
Yokohama RY112 102
Yokohama RY112AMC? 95
Yokohama RY567 102
Yokohama RY587 98
Yokohama RY617 102
Yokohama RY637 115
Yokohama TY063 147
Yokohama TY063K 140
Yokohama TY203 140
Yokohama TY303 119
Yokohama TY303MC? 115
Yokohama TY517 122
Yokohama TY527 143
Yokohama TY577 130
Yokohama Y703ZL 117
Yokohama Y713 130
Yokohama Y77
I get the low rolling resistance effect on fuel mileage BUT!, low rolling resistance tires in general are flat out dangerous when it comes to winter driving conditions.
We replaced Michelin XZA3 in January for Bridgestone 726 EL on the drives. Even though they still had 8-10 /32's. The 726 is a very good tire in deep snow.
One strategy we used years ago was running a VERY aggressive lug recap November thru March and switching back to "baloney skins" in spring.
You really need two sets of rims or the mount and dismount will eat the savings.

Even if you run the southern routes. I've threaded the needle between spun out trucks on Flagstaff hill,without chains with good lugs and that was worth any loss of fuel mileage.
its not allabout the rolling resistance nubbers traction and wr aswell big lugs dont allwas give best traction,but a good combo of bougthof them or all 3 and some more is what i loook at
i agree on switchn in the early winter say nov. 10---to---mar. 15 or so
but most of us cant aford it for what you and i know as real "winter tires"
im serchn for some day to day and think i found mine?
whats best over all--i dont know just trying to make an edj-gess
just my 2 cents
A few weeks ago I swapped out my 726EL’s that were down to 5/32’s to brand new XDN2’s. At the same time I replaced the drums/brakes and recalibrated my speedometer(went from tall to low pro). I figured my 7 mpg average would lose a few tenths, no big deal but I’m struggling to get more than 6.2-6.3, and sometimes less than 6. I’m really thinking next spring of getting some straight treads and having two sets of tires. Bad mileage sucks.
I invested in 2 sets of drives. M710's and R283's (16-ply). We had the bright idea to use theR283's in the summer because they have a lower rolling resistance than the M710's. Then use the M710's in the winter.

The R283's did improve the fuel mileage about 0.3 mpg above the M710's. The only problem is that they would spin out way too often in gravel and in parking lots. They also got dangerous in heavy rains. - They had to go, they were dangerous in my book.

We went back to the M710's all year around. We have been using the R283's for steer tire replacements as we need them.

Personally, I think the concept is novel, but ...

A) Dangerous/Risky for a highway truck.

B) If your down in the 6 - 7 mpg range, it is NOT YOUR TIRES that is going to get you any significant gains. It is likely your driving and other things you need to work on long before spending a lot of money on those last few tenths by running lo-roll steers on the back end.

That is my own experience any ways.


(10-28-2018 )schISM Wrote: [ -> ]A few weeks ago I swapped out my 726EL’s that were down to 5/32’s to brand new XDN2’s. At the same time I replaced the drums/brakes and recalibrated my speedometer(went from tall to low pro). I figured my 7 mpg average would lose a few tenths, no big deal but I’m struggling to get more than 6.2-6.3, and sometimes less than 6. I’m really thinking next spring of getting some straight treads and having two sets of tires. Bad mileage sucks.

BTW: 726's are horrible on fuel mileage. The extra bit of tread life they have is NOT worth it.

Your speedo and engine tire size settings will not effect your fuel mileage. You should always be checking your fuel mileage by way of the fuel pump and a calculator.

Whenever we replaced tires and from a worn out 5/32's or so tread depth to a brand new set of the same exact tires, we loost about 0.7 mpg for the first 80k miles or so while they break in. That is a lot, so we decided we need to run our tires as long as down to minimum absolutely possible this go around. We get about 450k miles or so out of our drives so thankfully we have only had to suffer that fuel mileage hit a couple times so far.
(10-27-2018 )shoe128 Wrote: [ -> ]its not allabout the rolling resistance nubbers traction and wr aswell ...

If you run light, rolling resistance does not do a lot for you. Wear should be considered along with the things you mentioned.

If you run medium to heavy however, rolling resistance is absolutely everything. It trumps wear/longevity and anything else by leaps and bounds in long term operating costs. Wear is not even a consideration at all because you save so much fuel with better rolling resistance than any tires that are cheaper that "wears less", that you save as much as 10x fuel savings alone during their life over the little bit of price differences between them.

If you can compare 2 low-roll tires and they are almost the same, but one "wears less", even then, it is a toss-up. The one that claims to wear less, is usually more expensive and the cost savings would likely never be seen, but who knows. - I say you can't go wrong either way, as you drives should last a long time any ways.

Lastly, if someone has to worry about drive tire costs all the time, they are replacing their tires too often. - THAT should be the main focus above all else. A good set of drives that are well cared for on a highway truck should last most people a minimum of 350+k miles and 400 - 450k+ miles if you drive them right. If someone is changing tires more often that that, then there had better be a good reason (off-roads, over 80k weights, etc.), and your freight rates should reflect this too. Higher operating costs = charge more money to your customers to offset it. Just a reminder that sometimes people focus on the wrong things when other, more expensive things should be resolved first.
(10-28-2018 )schISM Wrote: [ -> ]A few weeks ago I swapped out my 726EL’s that were down to 5/32’s to brand new XDN2’s. At the same time I replaced the drums/brakes and recalibrated my speedometer(went from tall to low pro). I figured my 7 mpg average would lose a few tenths, no big deal but I’m struggling to get more than 6.2-6.3, and sometimes less than 6. I’m really thinking next spring of getting some straight treads and having two sets of tires. Bad mileage sucks.
id be happy tostart with 6.3 or so
asim only getting 5--5.2
2016 ih isx15 342gr 18b
ya i run hard and heaveyyy but i get the same bob tail
imlooking in to it a little bit at a time
thats only .3--.5 more than my old89 cabover pulling up to 150th
Just FYI but XDN2 have some of the worst rolling resistance michelin offers. It's the open shoulder design that causes the loss in efficiency.
I have about 150k on my 726's and they are already half worn out.

Lately, I do go to customers that require alot of tight turns and half of my driving miles are city. My dedicated route is only 75 miles a day for all miles, I do occasionally run overweight isotanks to a plant 45 miles away for extra money if I have the time...I average 800 miles a week if I use at least 62 hours of my 70.

Because my inners are rusty steel and I have curb rash from a previous asshole on my steers, I'll be replacing my springs, bushings, upgrading to better shocks and replacing my wheels before I put on a new set of 710's. Im even changing my aging steering box and tierods, etc because of it before it goes (768k on it now) I'm not impressed with the 726's...I would scrub off speed on a slight decline at 85k gross. That is HORRIBLE rolling resistance, not to mention it's an aerodynamic brick.

I will be keeping in mind what rawze said, and I agree, your profit must reflect that level of wear and tear...I get paid very well now as a local driver, and since I run near and slow, my maintenance cost dropped an average of 70% while my gross jumped 25%. I have no reason to complain, the truck is paid for, and in the next few months, it'll be getting the works to keep those profits coming in.
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