My Pete rebuild
01-09-2022, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
(01-09-2022 )Nostalgic Wrote:  ...
I've read that crank ends under high torque has a lot of bend and twist, up to .050" Again, an area I really don't know much about, which is why I've been relying on Quickserve to check everything....

Yes. at 500+ horsepower and 2000+ load on an engine crank..l there will be a lot of flex in it.. especially when cylinder #6 is on the down stroke. All of the play in the #7 main bearing alone (and about 1/3 in the #6 main), (minus the oil film) comes into play the most at this stage, and as such.. viscosity and bearing clearances are the 2 most very important factors on loading.

As far as a large amount like 0.050" on an ISX.. its likely doubtful .. on a guess, it would likely be roughly in the 0.014" - 0.018" range at the rear seal, given the closeness of the #7 main bearings to it, and less than that at the front, where there is only the loading of the valve train + viscosity of all the other journals to overcome.. Some distortion comes from overall "flex" loading .. but some also comes form the weak points in the crank journals where the oil rifle is drilled into them. I am only giving a "bulls#itters-sake" estimated guess, based on experiences with that type of thing... I really have never measured it. It really would surprise me if it were much more than this.

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04-24-2022, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
I've been running it for a few weeks now. Running a new cast iron oil pump with no regulator shimming. The gear whine really stood out, but it has faded *some*. Oil pressure is extremely consistent. 22-25 psi hot idle, and 32-35 psi @ 1500 rpm.

3 small issues I'm in process of sorting out.

1- Oil seep at fuel pump. I swapped the fuel pump for a new recon last week, and the new one leaks also. It appears to be at the gasket, and just leaks a few drops over the week - enough to make a wet oil spot on the filter housing below the intake manifold. (IFSM housing is new)

2- #4 exhaust valve seals are leaking. I got the valve spring compressor and have new seals ordered. I'll pull the intake manifold and check all of the intake valves when I do #4, but I'm leaning towards just being either defective seals or damaged somehow when the head was assembled.

The real head scratcher for me:
3- On most cold starts, I get a buzzing/vibration in the fuel line from the ECM cooling plate return to the fuel pump that lasts a few minutes. I'm not sure if it's air (or how air could get into that part of the system without a fuel leak being present) or just pulsation possibly from the regulator? Both pressure regulators are new (not that that means much).

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