09 prostar visor lights
03-14-2019, (Subject: 09 prostar visor lights ) 
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09 prostar visor lights
Does anyone have a option other than the factory visor lights they are $40 ea and I don't think there worth the money I would like to change all 5 to somthing different. Hopefully someone on this forum has done it....
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RE: 09 prostar visor lights
for $40 bucks, I think I would open em up and replace the bulbs/LED's??

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03-20-2019, (Subject: 09 prostar visor lights ) 
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RE: 09 prostar visor lights
I don't know how I missed this post. Sorry for the late reply. I've been running different clearance markers in my '09 ProStar for years now. Several years ago I needed to replace one and the local Int'l stealer wanted $50 CDN. I found TA truckstops carry a similar sized one for (I think) $10 US. Later I found the exact light at Princess Auto (a Canadian chain) carries the exact same light but with their brand name of Powerfist for $7 CDN (about $6 US). The screw holes line up perfectly. Only problem is the light isn't quite as oval as factory is.

One small caution is my truck leaks rain water. I don't think it's coming in from around these lights but I caulked them just in case. I've always wondered if Rawze (or anyone) could use his 3D printer to make plastic ovals, but 3D, not flat, that would accommodate a smaller light and change the angle so it's aimed straight, not pointed up.

edit: I believe this is a Grand General GGA74830

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