Winter is here! Heated Wiper Blade time.
10-09-2019, (Subject: Winter is here! Heated Wiper Blade time. ) 
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Winter is here! Heated Wiper Blade time.
I think I mention my heated wiper blades at least once every winter, if you guys own a ProStar, these heated blades are a life saver. I don't know about your trucks, but mine is terrible for icing wiper blades in the winter, and it takes very little to ice up a set of regular or even winter blades on my particular truck, and make driving darn near impossible.

Here is the company I use, I am on my sixth season with them, second set of blades, the wiper blade frames are original and still working.

They are made in Michigan and are incredibly sturdy, it is nothing to get three years out of a set of blades. I'm going to install mine this week before I head out.

You will need to install wiring, they need to be on their own circuit, as they do draw some amperage, I think it requires a 15 amp fuse, as the blades AND frame heat up to 200+ degrees.

They supply everything you will need in the kit, including a HD lighted dash switch. As far as the blades in the spring, summer and fall, they are plug and play at the arms. Just unplug and stow away for winter, I run the Trico summer blades. I simply use some dialectic grease to help protect the plugs from the elements when the summer blades are on and leave all of the wiring intact.

If you drive in the snow and sleet, I highly recommend a set of these. They work, and they work as advertised, a real rarity out here anymore, and have literally saved my bacon on more than a few occasions, especially in sleet and freezing rain.

And I make nothing for telling you guys about these, I view these as a safety item that most guys know about, but they really don't know about. These heated blades and frames are the real deal, six years, no issues. They work.
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