Egr temperature sensor plug on motor
03-05-2020, (Subject: Egr temperature sensor plug on motor ) 
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RE: Egr temperature sensor plug on motor
(03-05-2020 )Rawze Wrote:  
(03-05-2020 )Edjahman Wrote:  OK thank you. I'll give it another go tomorrow.

Appreciate the responses!

Just some related FYI:

For the CM871 engines ...
If your trying to remove the EGR temp sensor plug off a CM871, the older style sensor and plug are glued together and not meant to come apart. This older style will also have a thick layer of heat-shrink wrap over the whole plug to indicate that it is not supposed to come apart. - If someone has this type of shrink-wrapped sensor/plug, they follow the wire back up the harness, then buried back about 1 foot or so back from the plug is another in-line plug. That plug is where it is intended to be removed from and not by cutting away the heat shrink at the sensor itself.

Thank you for the information.

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