Cm870 low oil pressure
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RE: Cm870 low oil pressure
Smart move, it sucks, but at this point... You already know.

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RE: Cm870 low oil pressure
(07-26-2020 )Rawze Wrote:  
(07-25-2020 )berrytrucking94 Wrote:  ...
Truck has a ~650/2250 tune and I’m sure the fuel harness on top of that did NOT do me any favors long term. It messed with my fuel actuators which I had to replace. Stupid on my part, never again.

You are right, I do have to point it out so that others can learn from, and stay well away form this type of backwards and abusive thinking...

That could totally explain the damage to the injector can bearings. not only do those stupid fuel fooling gimmik devices fool the ecm into thinking the fuel pressure is lower then it actually is, but it screws up the amount of fuel goi9ng into BOTH FUEL CHAMBER AND THE INJECTION TIMING CHAMBERS -- screwing up not only fuelling, fuel-air-mix, but also injection timing too. -- ALSO--- it very easily can over-fill/over-load the injection timing chambers of the injectors right along side over-filling/over-loading the metering chambers,... LEADING DIRECTLY TO EXCESSIVE CAM AND CAM BEARING OVERLOADING and stress. this is because of the excess injector height due to the the over-filled chambers. -- I.E.> THOSE GARBAGE-CAN DEVICES DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE DAMAGE, EXCESS DETONATION IN THE TOP END AND CHAMBERS, AND ABUSE, FLAT OUT!!!.


-- Now you know what the full story is,.. now you know that you cannot just abuse these engines with bulls@4it!... now you are paying for these mistakes. -- Like I said, the failure was not a normal process of wear.

-- ALSO-- with 2200+ft-lbs torque in that engine -- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ABUSING IT!!!! --- IT IS ADDED TORQUE THAT RUINS THE ISX, NOT SO MUCH HP!!!. - It is a matter of time, and you will be next crying that it dropped a liner!


-- hopefully, you are starting to learn that the term "super-trucker" == "stupid-trucker!" and all the gimmicks and garbage on the internet and advertised that goes along with that type of s$ittyy thinking that plagues our industry. Get those kinds of thoughts out of your head and use it for more productive things like re-spec the rear axles or something that actually makes sense instead of resorting to abuse and then wondering why things fail.

Hours of run time are around 21,000. Been a local haul truck it’s whole life

And this isn’t an LOL type of situation but your brutal honesty on these topics always makes me laugh a little because it’s all true.

That harness was the worst idea I could’ve had I regret it everyday knowing what it did. 6 months of it and then I yanked it out. Hopefully others will learn from my experience with crap like that.

I had the tune done 4 years ago from someone here that’s done quite a few. Supposedly it’s around 650hp/ 2100-2200tq I believe? Truck has a 8519 cpl, heavy drive line and 2250 clutch. 100k gross on 5 axles isn’t easy on a truck so I tried to set it up for what we do

I suppose a 500/1850 may have done me better longevity wise. Also of course no stupid over fueling harness

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RE: Cm870 low oil pressure
At 21,000hrs, if the pistons have never been out then they've earnt an overhaul. Most 550hp+ ISXs after the CM570 are lucky to do 10,000hrs without dropping a liner.
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RE: Cm870 low oil pressure
if you don't go out of your way to build exactly right then your wasting your time. Here is what is recommended ... anything less and your pissing up wind.

There is only one way for building to go for another million+ miles and not half-arssing it ...

* ONLY A brand NEW OE HEAD!~. Not reman, and certainly not after-maggot-junk.

* ALL OEM (factory only components) internals!!!.

* Cunter-bore the block and set liner height up at no less than 0.014" - 0.015" == EVEN IF IT CHECKS OUT OK!... do it any regardless if there is wear or not or your will regret it greatly later on. Not doing this will not extend the life of the engine.

* When installing the head, torque according to the book... until you get to 300 ft-lbs. - Do the 300-ft-lbs, then let it sit over night so the head gasket can properly crush... then the next morning TORQUE IT A SECOND TIME TO 300 FT-LBS... then do the final 90-degrees on the head bolts to bring to its final tightness (close to 500 ft-lbs)... do it by HAND and not with a speed gun... some bolts will go slightly past 90 more than others and you can feel which ones want to go a bit past 90.

* When pulling the rod and main bearings --- MEASURE EVERY ONE OF THEM INDIVIDUALLY!!! -- cummins sometimes uses alternate sizes in engines,.. especially the older 870's and 871's... and you can have one size bearings in the first 2 holes, and a totally different size in the next .... IT IS COMPLETELY RANDOM!. The majority of engines have the standard set size bearings,.. but MANY of them do not!. Put the same size back in that came out for each cylinder and block location.

* Make damn sure you measure those wrist pin bushings on them really well. I think cummins spec has it as being min 2.5020 max 2.5030. When they are 0.001" out of spec (above what quickserv calls for), the engine will only last half million miles and might throw a piston thru the side of the block without warning whatsoever. At 0.002" out of spec, engine will do it at only 250-300k miles, and at 0.004" it is a time bomb waiting to ventilate the block in a hurry. <<- bad deletes and excess added torque + low rpm pulling are notorious to make the wrist pin bushings get out of round, so measure them is several places.

* MAKE SURE you use the correct liners. There are 2 different sizes and it is 60/40 chance it is a 150mm or a 152mm liners. Only way to know is to pull one out and measure it. However, most people claim that if the liner had a "pink" o-ring at the mid-stop, it is the smaller, and if it has a "blue" o-ring it is the larger one, but this is not something you can solely rely on.

* (cm870) MAKE SURE TO USE THE CORRECT TIMING WEDGES for the CPL... there are variations in the CM870's in particular and if you use the wrong timing wedges, the engine will not run nearly as well as it should. ref:

* USE A TORQUE WRENCH ON EVERYTHING AND FOLLOW ALL OEM PROCEDURES! -- Speed-gun and air-gun happy idiots are always the early death of an ISX.

inframe recommendations, liner height, building an isx, raise liner height, head torque

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