Need help to identify this isx...
10-19-2020, (Subject: Need help to identify this isx... ) 
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RE: Need help to identify this isx...

according to your screen shot, it has program EF10416 in it with CPL (internal component list) 4586.

Your recon sticker picture shows its internal parts as CPL 3937 however.

Comparing a typical CPL-3937 program to the EF10416 program that is inside your ecm (and program that your old engine had as well), here is what i see...

* The emissions components (DPF, DOc, SCR) are slightly different in the typical 3937 cpl programs. Normally this would be an issue, but the program the engine is running currently (EF10416) matches your truck and what you have for hardware. This in itself should not be an issue for you in this case.

* Fuel pump settings in ecm and part#'s are slightly different, but this should not be an issue. They are close enough to each other.

* All other important stuff like injectors, cams, etc... are all compatible with the EF10416 program that it is running.

The program you have in that engine is correct for your application. At least now you know for sure that your have what that engine and truck needs. Many times people come on here and find out this is not the case, but in your case, it is correct.

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