Crankcase pressure
10-22-2020, (Subject: Crankcase pressure ) 
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RE: Crankcase pressure
(10-22-2020 )Waterloo Wrote:  Tim, I believe there is a sensor right there at the crankcase filter box, where the wires plug in, held on by a Torx screw if I remember correctly. Mine went bad and put me in derate with the CEL, I bet that is your issue... It is on the radiator side of the crankcase box, at the side top, and yes, get one of those forever filters.

I replaced the sensor already that’s why I was going to try a new wiring harness cause I heard sometimes they go bad, I guess really hard to say without computer hooked to it, it’s been on for about 3 weeks now and haven’t noticed any change in performance, I still get about 7.5 mpg empty and about 5.5 mpg loaded, I’m usually between 75k-90k lbs loaded
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RE: Crankcase pressure
(10-21-2020 )Tim386 Wrote:  My truck keeps throwing the check engine light on and it says crankcase pressure, I have changed the filter and the sensor, next I heard the wiring harnesses can go bad so I was gonna try that, any help would be appreciated

* do you have excessive bow-by?

* Have you checked the bleeder hose for the crank case filer to ensure it is not clogged up?

BTw: Cummins makes a maintenece free crank case filter... essentially a filter housing with a hole in it. Most on here switch over to using that instead of wasting money on CC filters...

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RE: Crankcase pressure
(10-22-2020 )Tim386 Wrote:  I just found this forum yesterday but I read about the insite program and looking to get it, I know it’s hard to tell without all the right info.
I have a 2012 Pete 386 I think it’s the 2250 that year
874,399 miles
19,979 hrs
No rebuild yet, emissions intact and no programming done to ecm
The SCR is about 2 yrs old and other was burned out recently at dealer
I’m not going through any oil maybe a gallon every 15,000 miles when I do pm. I will be starting the egr tune this weekend and thought about getting the no maintenance filter, not sure if that matters, thanks for your time and input, also I will get a pressure test done for blowby
The code was coming on when I drive and going out sometime at night while idling but back on the next day after a couple hrs of driving but is on all the time now

First off, 875k mi without needing an inframe is amazing for that cm2250 engine.

Second, if it hasn't already been done, you're about due to replace the rods and main bearings.

Third, I feel like a broken record saying this to people lately, but have you inspected/rebuilt the fuel pump head? They only have about a 400,000mi safe working life before they typically start to go bad and given the year of that engine it most likely was built with the ceramic plungers which do all kind of nasty damage when they break. There's a ton of info about it on this forum, just search the forum for "fuel pump" or "2250 fuel pump".

As for you pressure issue, you really need to rule out excessive blow-by before guessing at things such as wiring harnesses. If you're not sure about the blow-by, a simple way to gauge it is to take the oil fill cap off while the engine in running and observe how much smoke is coming out. Note whether it's steady or in puffs. Also placing your hand over the oil fill tube will allow you to feel how much pressure is there. If it's enough to push your hand off the fill tube then it's getting pretty high. Might also help to have someone rev the engine while you're observing the blow-by to see if it becomes excessive. This method isn't precision accurate, but it's free and will give you a good idea about where you stand.

I'm curious, do you do oil sampling? Not that it's particularly relevant to this question, but it's a good way to keep tabs on what's going on inside there.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! Hope we can help you get to the bottom of things.

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