Navistar Settlement
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RE: Navistar Settlement
Connecting rod issue. Problem in the wrist pin area. Originally thought to be limited in scope. Beginning to look like several years of production. When this first appeared they were sending new engines. Now it is replace the connecting rods. They come in a power cylinder kit. Warranty time allowance is 23 hours. That is total, from going out to get it from the lot thru final road test Oh wait, warranty does not cover a road test. Management is supposed to do that. 23 hours should yield some real quality work.

There is always, always, that guy who can do it in 23 hours, on his 4th or 5th time thru. His time becomes the standard. I used to argue that if techs are going to judged against the top 1% then management should be held to a comparable standard. Say Jack Welsh at GE back in the 80's or there abouts. I can assure you Nav management NEVER got anywhere close to that standard. I did get a lot of dirty looks making that point in clusterfucks. Opps I meant meetings.
12-18-2021, (Subject: Navistar Settlement ) 
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RE: Navistar Settlement
(12-17-2021 )Rawze Wrote:  
(12-16-2021 )DVT873 Wrote:  What is the build date on the engine?

The build date is aug-2009. It is also a CPL2732. All of the CPL2732's are supposedly factory-converted, left-over CM870 block and tackle components, with the CM871 electronics/egr, etc. hanging off the side of it. At least that is what was said to me when I tried to order the internals back in the day. - I even had to order a CM870 overhaul kit for it (based on my engine ser#) or they would not warranty the new parts, back when I made my video re-build series on it.

It is genuinely a CM871... with all the CM871 stuffs on it. Only that the head, block, and pistons/liners. etc.. are all for a CM870 internally. Came this way from factory, parts matched up, part#s and all for it when it came apart vs. the CM870 overhaul kit they told me to get. Go figure that one out, eh?

CPL2733's.. They are supposed to have the newer CM871-specific stuffs in them though. Same tier enignes, same HP, etc, but different, more up to date internals.

It gets messy when you really dig deep enough on these engines, as far as how they are built, what parts are re-used off older models that are still on the shelves at the manufacturer, what changes internally they might have done as they go down the assembly line to get it right, such as unpredictable using alternate bearing sizes or different liners, etc., and all sorts of other "behind the scenes" things I suppose.

As more and more time passes, more of this information gets lost... and you end up with a mess when someone tries to rebuild their engine. Some of these quirks, if missed, can be the difference on an engine rebuild that goes right.. or horrible wrong. Without knowing all the back-stories and the things to look out for when tearing into one, it can become a nightmare for the occasional truck owner because they, or most of the time, some under-trained shop does not catch these things as it goes back together. None of this much is in the manuals or on quickserv to check or keep after. This is one of the issues... the instructions are incomplete, and vague,,.. It don't tell you that pretty much, the only way to extend the engine's life, you have to counter-bore it and raise the liners above "factory new" settings to get it to last another million+ miles the second time around.. even if it looks great inside. It don't tell you that you should let the head gasket settle over night before pulling the final 90+ on the bolts, and to rte-torque the head again the next day.. No mention of the possibility of different bearing sizes form one cylinder to the next unpredictably, etc. - All these things are missing from the books and instructions,.. etc.

Because of these discrepancies, a lot of mechanics make mistakes on these engines and the truck owners have problems for it... all while the typical shop will argue with you and say "it don't call for this in the procedures" and tell you that your full of s#it.

Got to love those undocumented running design changes. It sounds like you have an EPA 07 engine which saves you some greif.

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