CM2350 X101 X15 - Turbo Actuator
12-15-2021, (Subject: CM2350 X101 X15 - Turbo Actuator ) 
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CM2350 X101 X15 - Turbo Actuator
Got a fault this morning on the x15 with SPN 6713 FMI 9 (FC 5177) Variable Geometry Turbocharger Actuator Software.

Told the truck to stay at home not go to work and booked it in with cummins tomorrow (it's still under warranty, and code says basically it's a new actuator).

However, I went to check the truck out, and wiggled around some of the harness cables and let the truck run and the code went away. I still have to try and connect this truck to insite myself as I was getting the weatherpack connector, because it's not accepting inside 7.6.2 even with a CAN1 to CAN 3 adapter.

Anyways, question is, the fact it may have just been some loose connection, is it good to run and see if the code comes again. Or - do I take it to the shop and just get the actuator replaced, and check the turbo for the sector gear movement as well.
12-15-2021, (Subject: CM2350 X101 X15 - Turbo Actuator ) 
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RE: CM2350 X101 X15 - Turbo Actuator
if it has not failed, is operating when you drive to them, the stealers$it will not likely warranty anything and it will cost you an arm and a leg to have them look at it. They are not likely going to do as you ask with any details either.. I would not trust them enough to throw a wrench at em these days... just my opinion.

just a thought.

The code you mention is a pretty common one. It is essentially saying that the turbo did not respond to the ecm fast enough (wiring harness issues, battery low, or voltage spikes during cranking, key-switch going directly from the off position to the crank position too quickly , driver not waiting those 5 or 6 seconds for the system to come up, etc. can cause it.

- But it is not normal to get a CEL over it while driving the truck.

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