Anyone in Alberta that can see if I have a bad delete?
12-17-2021, (Subject: Anyone in Alberta that can see if I have a bad delete? ) 
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Anyone in Alberta that can see if I have a bad delete?
I apologize if this is in the wrong place to ask this. But I'm just curious if there's anyone in Southern Alberta somewhere that I could visit to have them look at my program in my cm2350 to see if its a bad delete? I'm having issues finding someone with a laptop and the required program to do so...
I have read about Unilever.. he is from Alberta correct? Any way I can contact him?
12-17-2021, (Subject: Anyone in Alberta that can see if I have a bad delete? ) 
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RE: Anyone in Alberta that can see if I have a bad delete?
Why not simply become a little bit self reliant on it?. Many drivers/Owners do this stuffs for themselves with a little effort.

We live in the modern age of computing. ECM's have been hanging of the side of our trucks and engines for the better part of 30+ years now, and they are not going away. Owning the right tools for your equipment is a MUST any more for, at the very least, checking fault codes etc., and doing other things electronic when needed. That is the reality we now live in.

We are trying to help you on here..
(reference this thread):

but you have to help yourself a bit too, for that to happen. You need to start by having the right tools for the job. If your truck had a flat tire, and you needed to take one of your wheels off your truck, without a proper lug wrench or socket, tools, etc.. you will get nowhere. It is NOT coming off with just your bare empty hands. It is the same thing with any electronic, engine programming issues. You need the right tools for this type of job too. A PC and an adapter kit is for all things computer related with the engine/truck.

An 'inline-5' or 'inline-6' adapter kit is about $300 bucks or so off e-bay or, etc. can be had easily enough. You could even buy a legit one from the engine maker, fleet-pride, etc. if you just want to waste moneys on an official adapter and spend waay more than you should for the same thing if your concience is that strict.

A cheap laptop with wonblows10 (and at least one USB port on it) to run the softwares on is needed too.

- There are a few people however on here that CAN help you if you simply had the right tools... (also mentioned in this post further down) .. That is what I am pointing towards, if you are just completely computer illiterate, or need extra help.

- Just like investing and owning a set of proper wrenches these days, With the right tools in hand, it is simply a matter of using it properly.. and that is not so hard. There are all sorts of instructions and videos that can be found on how to pull the program out of that ECM running around. A lot of truck owners do this for themselves once they have their eyes opened and stop relying on other people who only want (usually big$$$) moneys all the time to do this same stuffs.

And for those few these days who are just simply 100% computer illiterate, and don't even know how to do basic stuff on a computer while following a step-by-step guide,.. there is forum members 'running rough', or 'RollinCoal', who help people on here all the time with this kind of thing. They frequently help truck owners with getting their programs reviewed and/or straightened out, etc. too, but you have to have the basic tools for the job to begin with (an adapter and a laptop).

(You asked about In your area) ...
And NO... There is no one much otherwise, that I can think of, that can be trusted beyond "I'll sell you a new tune" up in that great white north, for the most part, aside from who has already been mentioned. Most all of them, though they talk a good game, are just as clueless as the rest of these places, and want your moneys + will say anything sly that they can to get you to open your wallet and make money off you.

I PM'd you my number if you want to have a more detailed conversation about it. Your welcome to give me a call sometime if you like.. and if you do not have international calling to the states.. there is always, alternatively, my 'mumble' server.. where chatting on voice and discussions about engine/truck related things is also free. ref:

Here on this forum, its more about opening your eyes.. and not so much about "go to this guy and he will magically make things better".

We/I don't do that around here. Me sending people always to "this or that place" instead of letting them know that they can learn to fix stuffs for themselves, gets a truck owner nowhere in a hurry. A person will only continue to be reliant on a broken system of bad repair shops with horrible repair practices, and severely under-educated 'tuning' morons around every corner.

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