Cummins low power and boost
06-08-2022, (Subject: Cummins low power and boost ) 
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RE: Cummins low power and boost
(06-08-2022 )Toolatenow Wrote:  So..... I paid someone to fix the previous bad delete. They quickly stated that the delete was not proper and was a copy/past bs program that would probably work for a pickup but was horrible for this isx. Truck seems alot better but now have different issues. When turbo boost is at 15+ for 5seconds I get a CEL until it drops below 15 for 5sec. They added an egr block off plate before this started and I've already replaced the sensor on the intake so i thought I'd try to run without the plate to see if it improved...there is green liquid that looks like coolant and the pipe is full of it but my coolant is red. Is this normal? Any ideas on the light?
Thank you

By the way.. A bad delete is a bad delete program!... And will not work for a pick-up truck properly either, if it would not work for an isx!. That statement leads me to believe that you have yet again ... have possibly been taken for some garbage.

What was bad in it?... What engine mode(s) was it operating in?.. And what engine modes is it now operating in?... Etc.etc.etc. .. Those things that you cannot feel as a truck owners but eats the guts out of the engine over time!.?>>...!!!!

Like I said!!!>.. You should have pulled a copy of the file out of the ecm and e-mailed it to me for a review!!!... But it sounds like to me that instead of getting some real, actual help... you chose to spin your wheels and most likely, waste more money.

-- And if your absolutely confident that the person did not just shove some other garbage-can program in it, then ask that person for a copy of the program they put into your engine so I can properly review it. This is so that you will have peace of mind, because every single person that I have ever seen that does even slightly half-decent programming (only about 6 ppl on the north american continent so far) would in fact be quick to give you a copy of what they put into your ecm, not only so that you have it for future references in case the ecm ever goes bad, but also so that it can be properly reviewed by myself, because they had nothing bad to hide!.

- I can lead the horse to water but if they choose to waste more money on garbage and continue to trash their engine, then I cannot help them.

Other mechanical issues aside, Who did you pay to do that?..

.. because you could go to 500+ different people and places and 'pay someone' to get their super-duper bad delete, one just slightly different from the other .. something just as bad but only has different quirks to it!!!!!

>>>> that is the plague of trucking and the typical mistake merry-go-round of wasted moneys that truck owners get themselves caught up into.

Until you get the programming properly reviewed by myself.. An unbiased person Who will tell you good, bad, or downright ugly what someone did .. then you have gotten absolutely nowhere by throwing more money and programs at it.

Like I said ....
Send (e-mail) me a copy of what is in your engine computer.. and if ya can't get a hold of it by pulling a copy of it out yourself then ask the person who flashed it for a copy of what they put in your engine. If they give you ANY resistance about providing you a copy of your own program then you can be assured 100% that is is nothing but another garbage program too!.

I also pm'd you my phone=-number in case you have some questions.

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06-08-2022, (Subject: Cummins low power and boost ) 
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RE: Cummins low power and boost
This time I used someone the mechanic from the co. I'm leased on with recommended. Said this guy had done 7 of the co. Trucks in the last couple of years and had zero issues since. As good as this sounded in my time of desperation hindsight thoughts now have made me realize I probably need to accept times are different and neighbors helping each other doesn't exist much in this industry(outside this forum anyways). As soon as I can get everything pulled I'll send it to you, this guy claimed he'd never heard of emailing the file when I asked for a copy. (you was spot on with that).
This truck is currently used to pull a pnuematic trailer 84k gross on 400 mile run every day and hope I don't damage anything beyond repair but unfortunately I have to run it to have even a dime to my name to support my wife and kids back home because my entire savings and them some is invested already after giving up cooperate job to return to a truck.
This horse will drink water soon enough, thank you for your help!

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