14liter busting out
04-24-2023, (Subject: 14liter busting out ) 
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14liter busting out
Hey guys this is just an informational just in case any of you ever run into this because it was my first time seeing it. Had a 2006 Columbia come in this morning with a complaint of busting out, black smoking, and dropping boost pressure. (I test drove and never seen any symptoms) Off the rip I blocked off the egr valve to isolate it, verified vpod working correctly, checked turbo, boost pressure sensor, etc. you know the normal shi#t that causes issues like this. I monitored all of my pressure and temperature sensors, verified my tps, cam and crank sensors, the list just kept getting shorter snd I was getting aggravated. I jump in the truck and drive it down the road…. Like drive it drive it. Well I take off from a stop sign giving it hell “we gone find the problem “ I’m running about 45mph 1600 rpm and climbing and suddenly the speedo jumps to 85 and the truck starts busting out. At this point I check the speed limiter and it’s set to 70. I’m thinking to myself there ain’t no damn way. I set the speed limiter to 120 and drive it again. When the speedometer jumps this time it still ran fine. I ended up finding the speedometer wires rubbed through on the corner of the tail section on the transmission.
Guys a f***** speed sensor circuit short was causing the truck to bust out. And no it wasn’t giving any codes at all. I’ve never in my damn life seen this. But I just wanted to share this experience with you guys. Maybe it will prevent one of you from getting shafted one day over it.
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