X15 down on fuel economy recently?
11-15-2023, (Subject: X15 down on fuel economy recently? ) 
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RE: X15 down on fuel economy recently?
Finally getting somewhere, it took a few days but finally the culprit showed itself. EGR Valve is malfunctioning throwing a code 2349 consistently. Got my replacement coming tomorrow, came off the same truck the turbo did. Replaced the CAC since it was leaking anyway, was a problem but not The problem.

BUMP: Code returned, suspecting the turbo is producing too much volume on the higher rpm range for the chassis. Same turbo works on my friends w900 without issue Running Rough took care of him. Not in a volvo. So original turbo will go back on when I get home. Basically 1600rpm and under it will boost normally above that the boost will slowly fall off 3-4 psi and then set the code and derate. It never surges at any point. Basically this problem is of my own doing..
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