Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN
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RE: Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN
I have had no trouble buying from multiple Amazon suppliers, just always make sure the manufacturer shows as cummins filtration or fleet guard…
Come to think of it I did send one shipment back because they were dented, but they paid return shipping and sent me out new ones immediately..

Why don’t I buy from the stealershit?? $100 for an oil filter, $95 for a primary fuel, and $125 for a water separator

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10-28-2023, (Subject: Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN ) 
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RE: Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN
^^--- that's about where the prices are for filters here from the dealership.

It's funny, cause they reel ya in with the cosmetic accessories at a fair price (often beating the internet) so you would assume they're reasonable on other items. Unfortunately the dealership nearest me will stick ya on the most important items...such as maintenence and other engine and chassis related repair parts. I imagine other dealers have a similar strategy.
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RE: Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN
I've bought a bunch of these oil filters from Amazon without issue. Mine all looked like the pic Rawze posted, none had any of the flaws you showed. Here's a link to the exact listing I have been ordering from for the past few years. Note that sometimes the seller is different, but they are always shipped from Amazon with prime shipping. My last order in Oct of last year was sold by "Buyers Lair" and I just checked they are still listed as a seller for this product listing, just not currently the cheapest. Not endorsing that seller or Amazon in general, just sharing my own experience. Incidentally I usually buy 3 each of the 2-Pack since for whatever reason it's always the best deal. They were $70.71 per 2-Pack last year and now they are listing for between $73.99 and $74.99. I also noticed one review claiming a fake product, though they didn't give any details so...?

Fake products could pop up anywhere, but at least I know I can easily return them to Amazon for free if needed. That's part of the reason I usually choose sellers that offer prime shipping, that and I pay for it so might as well get my money's worth (which I do, sadly).

Thanks for the heads up though, I for one will be sure to double check future purchases thoroughly upon receipt.

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RE: Amazon’ Fleetguard LF1400NN
(10-18-2023 )hookliftpete Wrote:  I buy from partandfilters some, application associates also has ok prices.

I ordered from this site , reviewed them and shipping was quick. There 100% legit..
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