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Hi, Guys.
I really need your help and advice.
I have a Freightliner Cascadia 2016 DD15 Engine.

Earlier, I had a problem with DPF system. So I brought my truck to the dealer, they diagnosed my truck and said that DOC BOX shows very high temps like over 1500 degrees which means that I have bad injectors and they are over-fueling too much and because of that made my DPF soots very dirty. The only solution is to replace new injectors and replace the DOC box as well because it got melted. Which is very expensive, they gave me a quote of $16k. Of course, I don’t have this money to pay, I barely feed my family.

So I found a different solution, I found a guy who can do demandated DPF and install a software on my truck to demandate EGR module. After he performed this installation, we tested the truck and indeed I had black smoke coming out from my exhaust pipe. He told me that it is a definitive bad injectors that overfueling. So we replaced the injectors.

And here is where problem started:
After DPF was Demandated and Injectors were replaced, My truck started producing not enough power. When iam driving uphill 20-25 miles per hour, others can drive easily 50 miles per hour. I used to could do the same speeds. Also when I drive empty on flat road the maximum I can get 67-70 miles per hours while other loaded trucks overtake me on the road and do 75 miles, I can not do their speed anymore. On uphill when I drive 25, other trucks can do 50 miles easily.
So Obviously my truck doesn’t produce enough power, I feel like it is really hard for him to drive. and My truck is 500 Horse power. 3.2 Ratio.

So I was thinking maybe it was bad tune software that demandated PDF system, So decided to find a different specialist.
I found a different guy who also does DPF Demandates. He installed his software, since that nothing really changed. The truck is still poor on power. Can not drive like others. And the guy says he doesn’t know what the issue is because he claims that his software worked on many different Freighliners with the same engine, and nobody had any problems.
We also did checked the AIR system, maybe there could be air leak. He connected Diagnostic Link to the truck and did some tests and computer shows everything works fine while normal idling. However, the truck still has a low power.

Now i don't what is going on with this truck, Do you think it could be bad injectors again or bad DPF Demandate? He says he installed new injectors, but i have never seen them in front of my eyes, and now cannot confirm this information.

I can not drive this truck like this. Iam so tired of it.
I don’t know what to do. I wasted so much money on this truck. I have too much stress.

Please, guys, help me. Did anyone have this experience before? Or any ideas, thoughts?
If I were you I would but a new EGR, and DPF, and put the original software back on the computer for the time being...Unless you had a software engineer tune your demandate... or someone recommend on this forum.. it’s most likely a terrible tune. And your driving a ticking time bomb. Call around to multiple places and ask for parts quotes. Get the part numbers. Ask them for better prices. If they tell you “we don’t play that game” simply tell them you would be a bad business owner if you didn’t try.

I wish you the best of luck, spend as much time as you can in here learning how to fix things yourself and trying not to rely on shops to to diagnose things.
Is your DPF still intact??

Could be exhaust has a restriction in it.
Is this a fishing thread? Seems suspicious to me.
make an appointment with mr. hag and let him troubleshoot the actual problem.

Haggai Automotive and Diesel
1228 High Falls Rd,
Griffin, GA 30223
Phone: (678) 688-8107
(10-25-2019 )MageRoyal Wrote: [ -> ]make an appointment with mr. hag and let him troubleshoot the actual problem.

Haggai Automotive and Diesel
1228 High Falls Rd,
Griffin, GA 30223
Phone: (678) 688-8107

Thank you. i will try to stop by.
(10-25-2019 )redbeard Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a fishing thread? Seems suspicious to me.

No, What would you think that way?
I really have a problem. My truck has a loss of power. I need a good tuner.
I can not find anyone reliable.
theres a reason i wont tune trucks that have issues. Its been a problem for some people when i tell them that but i wont do it. DONT TUNE TRUCKS WITH ISSUES FIX THEM FIRST.
Drop the can, and post some pics. It's probably all plugged up.
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