Fuel leak from top of gear pump head
04-26-2021, (Subject: Fuel leak from top of gear pump head ) 
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RE: Fuel leak from top of gear pump head
Ran about 610mi last night and everything worked out well. Stopped after the first 50 miles to give a quick visual check, then again after another 100mi when I reached my first pickup location. No fuel smell, hesitations, or anything else indicating an issue at this time.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to give me a shout. This would be time #3 being inside this pump, so I may be able to give you a few pointers if you're having any concerns.

Thanks to anyone who followed along, and once again I'll update if anything changes.
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05-01-2021, (Subject: Fuel leak from top of gear pump head ) 
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RE: Fuel leak from top of gear pump head
After a lonnnggg and what seemed to be a never-ending week, I'm certainly glad to report everything made it through all good. About 3700mi or so and pump head seems to be doing well.

* Something interesting is that all 3 fill-ups this week have been averaging approx .2 additional miles per gallon. Noticed the improvement immediately.

Now, is it just a coincidence? Possibly... My loads are averaging around 68-70k (about 7-8k lighter) and the weather has been fairly normal all but one day. Maybe thats the reason? Doesn't seem like it though. I have been chasing that small mileage loss for quite sometime (mentioned this in another post) with no luck. However, I didn't know the head had issues until the fuel crept from the torx plug. I hadn't done a leak down test within the previous 50-60k miles of the failure so I didn't catch anything abnormal.

Hopefully that mileage improvement remains.....
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