Today, (Subject: A BAD DELETE? ) 
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Ok I was able to help him get [email protected] installed and working we downloaded the cal which according to his ESN was the wrong cal and cpl
It had CL10053 (500hp/1850tq) loaded and ESN said CL10138 (450hp/1750tq)
Rawze you have mail lol
Today, (Subject: A BAD DELETE? ) 
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yup ... another typical run-of-the-mill garbage program bad delete...

* Many Errors have been suppressed from showing up in the dash of the vehicle. This is problematic and causes a repair shop to have limited ability to troubleshoot engine problems. Some of those errors are also directly related to VG Turbocharger problems. This can lead to Serious mis-diagnosis of the engine if there are turbo issues.

* The program in the ECM does not match the vehicle requirements. This is less than optimal and will lead to lower then normal fuel mileage and other vehicle incompatibilities. Someone has installed the wrong CPL program into the engine in attempts to raise horsepower settings incorrectly.

* The program in the ECM does not match the internal engine hardware. This will leas to incorrect injection timing, incorrect fueling quantites, less than optimal engine efficiency, and a shortened engine life. Someone has installed the wrong CPL program into the engine in attempts to raise horsepower settings incorrectly.

* This program lacks any necessary corrections to engine operating mode control logic. Many of these modes deal specifically with exhaust device (DOC/DPF/SCR element) heating, and they are all still active. With no editing of the engine mode control logic, the engine will continue to enter one or more of these operating modes resulting in the engine creating extra heat in the exhaust all the time by way of over-working the turbocharger and cylinders in attempts to warm up an emissions system that is no longer present. This is harmful to both the engine and the turbo, causing higher than normal friction all the time, significantly shortening engine life. It should be noted that this mistake/oversight is one of the most common (and most damaging) mistakes that is seen in bad delete programming.

* The injector quantity vs. power does not match the hardware. This leads to the ecm placing incorrect fuel quantities into the cylinders that it can account for. The result is loss of proper cylinder balancing, the ecm will lie and report incorrect fuel mileage numbers into the dash of the vehicle. It also alters power/torque that the ecm cannot account for.

* Many of the engine Derate limiters are still in place. This can lead to unknown power/torque losses, and is likely the reason someone deceptively edited injector quantity vs. fuel. It shows a lack of understanding of these systems and how to properly switch them off.

* Only a partial removal of auxiliary Emissions has been done. This leads to inconsistencies in engine operation and power levels. Amonia and Nox gas combustion clamping is still in place for all engine operating modes. With the emissions systems removed, the engine will try to control these directly by altering the combustion cycle heavily... leading to unpredictable power/torque, and other issues.

* The turbocharger has NOT been re-programmed for proper fuel-air mix with consideration to the missing egr gas. This will lead to the engine running too lean all the time and a shortened engine life will result.

- Overall, this program is moderately harmful to the engine and its turbocharger. Th missing mode control re-mapping will lead to the engine unpredictably jumping engine modes, resulting in unstable conditions, power losses, silent ghost derates, possibly an over-spooling VGT turbo, inefficient combustion, excess exhaust heat produced and a shortened engine life due to incorrect injection timing and improper fuel-air-mix. This program is a recipe for disaster.

full review:
.pdf  01-Review_20210616.pdf (Size: 52.59 KB / Downloads: 0)

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