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(07-14-2021 )Bandit2122 Wrote:  I get 7mpg and never knew this about the isx I'll take your advice

Follow that oil change schedule Rawze laid out for you, there are no extended oil drains on these emission trucks. I believe these motors produce 6 lbs of soot that remains trapped in your oil between services, along with other issues like carbon packing. You may as well just pour a cup of sand in your motor, as it has the same effect as an extended service, plus you lose the additive package that is essential for the motor.

If you are going to keep the emissions intact, I would head over to Amsoil and pick up one of their universal Class 8 remote oil filter kits and install somewhere in your truck. That will help with the soot that will eventually eat away at the cams and bearings. We are not Amsoil fanboys here, they just happen to make a quality filter kit that many folks use on their emission motors. Here is the kit...

I would also run some 80/90 GL4 gear oil in the motor, one gallon at each service. The gear oil leaves a nice coating on all of the internal moving parts, along with the added additives that have been striped out of these new emission oils. And don't waste your money on synthetic engine and or gear oil, just use a quality brand. Sta-Lube is one gear oil or even a gallon of the the Supertech gear oil from Walmart is good stuff. Just make sure the gear oil is GL4 rated, that is due to the emissions on your truck. Same with engine oil, most of us use regular old Rotella or Delo here, nothing fancy is required and is best for the motor in the long run.

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