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Full Version: New shimmy
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I had no steering complaints. I took the front wheels off to do the brakes, and put everything back including my Centramatics and centering sleeves. Now I find I have a slight shimmy at the higher speeds that seems to come and go. I can’t understand it. Tires are Michelin‘s in very good condition with a lot of tread, and 130,000 miles. Also, the drums are in good shape. No pulsating or shaking when braking.
The centramatics have 2 sets of holes.. one set is larger that the other. If you used the wrong set of holes, it may not be centred properly.
I've had this on and off throughout the recent years. Every single time it's the brake drums aren't centered properly. Everytime I pull them back off and use the proper centering studs to line up the drum and wheel on the stud/hub and it goes away.

The newer brake drums for moto/hub piloted wheels have been enlarged to a ridiculous size. This allows them to go on with almost a 1/2" of movement left or right. I wouldn't think this would cause a problem but simply using proper centering studs fixes it everytime.
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