ISX and Bypass Oil Filter Systems
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RE: ISX and Bypass Oil Filter Systems
yeah, this isn't a cozy, feel good, sit around a campfire singing kumbaya type of forum. People come here for straight answers, accurate information and all too often desperate help after all the popular sources failed them. Most, if not all, of us needed some kind of wake-up call upon arrival here. Rawze is no Mary Poppins. His medicine is accompanied by a spoon full of hot sauce instead of sugar.

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RE: ISX and Bypass Oil Filter Systems
Ok guys not trying to open a new can of worms here but have some questions on primary oil filters. Seems like a good idea to put on a bypass filter but in my case I have a couple 2015 Volvo VNL day cabs with pushers with ISX CM 2350 550HP 1850TQ pulling 50FT triple axle grain wagons so I'm grossing #100,000... Moral of the story is there's basically no room under the hood to install for example the big amsoil bypass filter setup. Could possibly get the smaller universal one under there but not sure if it would be worthwhile? So questions on fleetguard filters their website don't seem to list micron ratings but from what I gathered the LF9080 has a better micron rating than the LF14000 high efficiency? Just looking to put the best micron rated filter on the darn things since a bypass filter is going to be nearly impossible. I change the oil every 10,000 miles or 300 hours whichever comes first since they sometimes aquire a lot of idle time. Just trying to get the most longetivity out of em as possible. By the way great forum lots of eye opening information
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RE: ISX and Bypass Oil Filter Systems
Many newer trucks do not have room under the hood for a bypass filter to be installed. Mine was installed on the frame under the back of the cab (passenger side) and long hoses feed it from the oil rifle/drain.

As far as the filters go, I have never had issue with the fleetguard LF14000NN filters. They are supposedly rated down to 4 microns. ref:

As far as bypass filters go ... If your truck has the EGR system active, then an additional bypass filter is a must, to keep the soot levels at bay. Otherwise, it is just wasted moneys and space. On a properly cared for engine with a decent brand of oil, it is always NOT LUBRICATED COMPONENTS that cause one to be inframed. It is always the non-lubricated components that cause it to be inframed at some point. Dropped liner, head wearing out (valve seats etc.). .. none of which would have been benefited one damn iota based on the oil .. . because they are NOT lubricated parts.

I.E.> Putting all your faith in super-duper oil and cleanliness and all sorts of other over-extended ideas will NOT EXTEND THE ENGINES LIFE BY ONE DAMN BIT!. - Just do what is recommended + keep after all preventative maintenance, and the oil-fed systems/components will never be the issue.

Too many people obsess over oil and their engines, and it is laughable when it comes right down to it. Ask 100 people on here that have had to overhaul their engines for what ACTUALLY FAILED, that caused their in-frame.. and 100+ people will all tell you it was something that was NOT a lubricated component at all.

Dropped liner, blown head gaskets, valve seats eaten up in the head, cracked piston, etc.

ON the very rare occasion that someone has excessive blo-by .. is was always caused by some damn fool not using proper air filters, or having CAC and other intake system leaks, or excessive soot issues from not caring for the engine at all .. or road sand/dirt got into the intake and ate the rings/cross hatching up. it is ALWAYS some sort of engine abuse that causes it. Same thing with the overhead cams. Engine abuse caused by allowing too much crank case fumes to build up in the engine, starving the top-end of oil... or soot packing from not changing the oil often enough vs. the fuel mileage, hours, etc.

The one argument to this would be fuel pump failures (by not changing the guts every 400k miles) on the common rail engines.. but that is a fuel-lubricated failure,.. not an oil-lubricated failure.. so that does not qualify either.

Someone wants their enigne to last longer.. a LOT longer?????

People should stop obsessing about the damn oil like mad and start obsessing about not lugging the engine into oblivion. - Bottom end torque is the killer of ISX’s and other engines, and it can totally be prevented. >>Obsess about using the right RPM (above 1500+) when you have to climb hills and push the fuel pedal hard. Stay away from big torque on the low rpm bands. Re-gear the truck so that it can be driven this way too.

Driving it better and re-gearing it for the loads, etc. properly will easily extend the engine life by 2x or more!. These are the things that actually help those non-lubracated components and failures mentioned above from giving way so easily... not the oil.

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