Schaeffer gear lube
12-16-2016, (Subject: Schaeffer gear lube ) 
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Schaeffer gear lube
Has anyone use Schaeffer gear lube for there differential, or can someone recommend a good gear lube, the truck as pretty close to 930,000 miles on it, I dont know what the previous owner as done, after the new year, I will be doing inframe on the engine. Also I would like to change the fluid in the tranny, Thank you in advance for your input. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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12-17-2016, (Subject: Schaeffer gear lube ) 
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RE: Schaeffer gear lube
Tried lucas in my steer axle hubs once,.. It foamed up a lot.. even after a couple flushes just to be sure .. and it looked like crap. - I Had to go back to Mobil.

That sucks too, because I had gotten 4 gallons of it. - I ended up lighting camp fires with it.

I have more than a million on my drive line, tranny, rears, etc.

I have always used Mobil Synthetic on the gear boxes and tranny.

I am thinking I am ready for a new clutch yet? it has never been changed either .. -- but then again, the indicator says it is only worn by 45%.

I don't go 70+ mph, I go 55-60 mph the whole trucks life and keep boost below 20. - A decent oil and taking care how you drive makes the most difference I think.

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