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(Today )AKDoug Wrote:  I guess I'll follow this one closely and contribute if I can. I have a new T880 with a 500hp productivity X15 in it. I'm leaving it stock for now. Put the first thousand miles on it this week. Most days are 200 miles of highway with 40 miles of city driving, 5 to 7 stops at warehouses, towing a 48' dry van, average 70K gross.

1000 miles is no measure of fuel mileage, but we're at 5.1mpg hand calc'd. That's a bit better than my '06 International 9400 with 565hp CM870 and '01 379 Pete with 600hp CM570. All with 18 speed manuals.

If me, I would leave the truck alone and keep up on the EGR system, change the sensors on a predetermined basis, bake and de-ash cans when time, nox sensors, SCR, etc. With good maintenance there is no reason these motors cannot go the long haul. It is when the systems are totally neglected is when they have issues. Sadly, no one stresses this point, nor will the dealers tell you this either, they just want to replace turbos and EGR coolers for the big bucks vs a $50 sensor. And no lugging, keep the RPM's up, over that 1500 so as not to damage a liner. Also, do not idle if at all possible, these motors are not designed to idle, that is where the carbon packing comes into play. Get an APU if need be.

Also, I would pop the top on that motor of yours and do a proper overhead. I bet it is out of spec, Cummins seems to have abandoned any QC they once had.

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